Pravila 2015


The contest participants will receive materials and tools (guns and glue, cord, spaghetti, sticks, support, tiles)

Time in geometrija

The range 90 cm

The maximum height above the zero line is 25 cm

Under the zero line engineering construction is not allowed

The maximum height of the bridge 15 cm

The traffic profile is: height 5 cm, width 8 cm

Maximum weight of the bridge is 1000 g (including grants, tiles, rope)




The technical part

Two-point load on each third of the range

Measurement of displacement in the middle of the PorA

Point burst will apply, when he started with the F-diagram fall. For capacity will be considered the highest point on the chart

Victory Bridge with a maximum load capacity of

Traffic profile bridge must be free – bright space at least 5 cm height and 8 cm width

Last day to produce a short 5 minute presentation, which includes the presentation of ideas and presentation and design of the bridge

Spaghetti in the elements may not be composed by gluing along the spaghetti. Bonding is permitted on the edges of spaghetti or the shortest distance between the adhesive 3 cm. The width of the glue can be a maximum of 1 cm.

The rules in building

The use of power tools is prohibited (except for glue guns)

The use of adhesive tape, gumic, knives, rulers, template, linings for help

The use of computer programs to model preparation

The use plans as a basis for the work

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