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thus,, We get the answer to the question is how robust… Most?! Thursday, 5.5.2016 at 15.00 Links, in the hall Borut Roast at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Traffic Engineering and Architecture, University of Maribor (A FPGA) held closing ceremony 7. International Competition in making bridges out of spaghetti. This year's event was the most successful so far, since he burst bridges are about to see over 200 students, professors and other guests.

The competition was 28 teams from the University, and secondary schools and 7 teams from primary schools, who on Wednesday, 4. May, competed in mini AJKTM contest.

We have reached a new record burst, since winning bridge reached 105,10 kg payload at a range of bridge 100 cm in farms 1500g, which means, that he wore 69 -times its own weight. In the table below you can compare the differences in the rules between 2015 in 2016.

Pravila AJKTM 2016 Pravila AJKTM 2015
span bridge: 100 cm

Maksimalna masa mostu =,bg 1500 g

The maximum height of the bridge above the road: It is not limited

The maximum height of the bridge under the road: 20 cm

The maximum width of the bridge: 20 cm

Traffic profile = height / width: 5 cm / 10 cm

span bridge: 90 cm

Maksimalna masa mostu =,bg 1000 g

The maximum height of the bridge above the road: 35 cm

The maximum height of the bridge under the road: 0 cm

The maximum width of the bridge: 15 cm

Traffic profile = height / width: 5 cm / 8 cm

Table: Comparison competition rules

The winning bridge It was created by a team from the UM FGPA "WHAT WILL IT WILL ", which consisted of Ales Bedek, Marko Zidarić and Matthew Loon, first year students of second cycle study program in Construction.

Second place has made the team "CRASH TEAM« A FPGA, whose members were David Matko, Alen Ferhatović and Dejan Ofentavšek. Their bridge is transferred 65,27 kg load.

third place the 63,24 kg load took most of "Like a stone, SCALE, KOST " iz FGPA UM, which consisted Manca Fale, Dejan Brečko Luka Sreš.

fourth place the 49,86 kg load took most of KNKMPK from the polytechnic University of Krakow, which consisted of Adam Wojciechowski, Carolina Ogonowska in King Marecik.

Fifth place the 49,56 kg load took most of the team "KOLPSKI BOBER« from the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geodesy, which consisted of Damjan Lisec, Bojan Jakše and Matthew Breška.

First prize for the most beautiful bridge Choice Award is given team »POWERPUFF GIRLS« iz FGPA UM, the band Amadeja Cus, Miha Horvat in Sandi Vaupotič.

The second prize for the most beautiful bridge Choice Award is given team »ŠPAGETO MOSTOLINARJI" iz FGPA UM, the band Alen Grill, Primoz Ivanuša Mitja Madjar.

The competition is through all three days was visited by more than 500 visitors as well as many representatives of domestic as well as some foreign companies, which certainly demonstrates the interest of foreign employers for our students. Event "Is something solid bridge" is seen as one of the most important events on college, because students apply their theoretical knowledge in practice. The aim of the competition is to teach students teamwork, the detection limits of the possible in the construction of bridges and the presentation of students and networking with local and foreign companies, who come during the competition to attend the event. The importance of such competitions is, together with professors do even better graduates. This will help businesses get more qualified staff, who already have some proven teamwork and practice. Such projects demonstrate, that the future construction engineers designed and built a brighter future - even if only of spaghetti.

The competition this year has exceeded its expectations, because the contestants were very well prepared and even on their home faculties practiced and studied the concept of a bridge. Our students have opened the door for competition in the world and get ideas and inspiration for new projects. Foreign students have come to know the beauty of our faculty and proved a lot of respect to us and to our institutions – University of Maribor.

Tournament organizers (UM Student Council of the Faculty of Civil Society and students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering) They thank all the competitors and visitors, management faculty, universities and the rest of the sponsors (OVEN ELEKTRO MARIBOR, Souma, BARILLA, HOSTEL PEKARNA, AQUASYSTEMS, GEOINVEST, GRADIS, POMGRAD, LINEAL, PONTING, EUROPARK, POWER, PUBLISHING Horizons, CELJSKA Mohorjeva SOCIETY, McGraw SLOVENIA, ŠTIKMA, Ceresit and the University of Maribor.), which allowed the competition.



Participating universities and secondary schools AJKTM contest:

  • University of Maribor,
  • University of Ljubljana,
  • University of Belgrade,
  • University of Novi Sad,
  • State University of Novi Pazar,
  • University of Mostar,
  • International Academy of Rome,
  • Cracow University of Technology,
  • Bogaziçi University,
  • Cairo University,
  • Central school building and gymnasium Maribor,
  • First Grammar School Maribor,
  • Velenje School Centre School of Mechanical Engineering,
  • Elektrotehniško – computer-professional school and high school Ljubljana.

Participating primary schools in the mini AJKTM contest:

  • Elementary School Dr.. Franjo GECA Dornava,
  • Primary school I Robic Limbuš,
  • Elementary school Mladika Ptuj,
  • Elementary School Detachment Pohorje Slovenian Bistrica,
  • Elementary school Janko Glazer Ruse.


The winning clip bridge can be found at the address below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v = qZsoi1cOSk0

Pictures are available on the Facebook page contest: https://www.facebook.com/HowStrongIsTheBridge

In anticipation of your interest, We are at your disposal for further questions at telephone number 031 754 757 (Year).

The organizing committee AJKTM 2016



INTERVIEW WITH winners AJKTM 2016 »Tax Bo, PA BO«

(Aleš Cover, Marko Zidarić and Matthew Loon)

Who are you and how did you think the competition and contestants?
We are a team "What will be will be", This year's winners of the competition Is there a solid bridge (How strong is the bridge), organized by the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Traffic Engineering and Architecture, University of Maribor. We have seen this year's school year, classmates as the first year of Master's Degree, where we joined a common interest in construction.

In bridge construction, we participated for the first time and was very positively surprised by the organization of the competition and the whole event, so they go all praise excellent organizer. The competition was really big this year, because we did not expect, that will be applied so teams.

Why do you think that you win?
The secret of our victory lies mainly in good plan, the method of manufacture and accuracy and consistency in building. Based on the received instructions and specifications are different ideas for our design of Auditors checked with the software, in order to predict its behavior and eliminate weaknesses. In particular, we examined the distribution of internal forces, and we also count shifts, which may occur in the load, which could be critical for fracture. The design of our bridge based on a proper arch with span, which are evenly distributed over the entire arc of the cities load. We ensure the correctness of the arc with a special construction technique, which is different from most other competitors, because we have instead of elements built with whole spaghetti, which have as blades switch and form a more uniform arc. During the manufacture, we also encounter problems, where we tried to resolve the various cities the joint of, representing the critical point. We are aware, that the structure can be good only for the, as strong as its weakest link, so we dedicate this place quite a bit of attention. In parallel with the construction, we had time to specifically create individual details, which were independently tested, if their durability relevant. We are very happy, that our ideas and calculations flap also in the manufacture of, because we carefully build and communicate well with each other to achieve the stated objective and fairly well even anticipate our capacity bridge.

Where is your secret?
An important factor to win is also, we work as a team. The team, which was always optimistic and positive alignment. The event has brought us closer as friends, also we have established some contacts with other competitors, which is what the real essence of each competition. It is interesting to see so many students from different parts of the world with the same interest in one place.

What are the feelings after the victory?
Although we had hoped to win, the impatience and nervousness is still present during testing. After the announcement of the winners is in our minds to spread a bunch of positive emotions and joy, we made it. we are happy, that all the effort is not in vain and hope, that is our victory which motivated, the following year he also participated in the competition.

What do you think about the future of this competition?
The competition is very interesting and is becoming increasingly well known internationally, therefore we, that he promises a very bright future. Matter, that each year more competitors and competition is greater, this is also a competition tighter. We highly appreciate the, that the rules are changed slightly each year, which makes the competition even more interesting and encourage students to cooperate and thinking.

What to communicate to prospective competitors?
Prospective competitors announce, saying that "Unity is strength" is true, because working together can overthrow the castles, or in this case the bridges. A good team is the key to success, This competition encourages teamwork and mutual cooperation. It is a unique and unforgettable experience, it is strongly recommended that all.


Ales, Marko in Matej

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