Tekmovanje in pravila

Required prior knowledge of racing teams

It is important that technical knowledge structures, especially engineering thinking, judgment and the ability to apply mathematical and analytical model. From the mathematical description of the construction, which can be made with the software package, or "foot", it is necessary to figure out the key information for sizing and determining the maximum force before failure.

Desirable, but non-binding skills are in the areas of:

  • Structural analysis,
  • all engineering and product design courses: wood, concrete and steel construction,
  • computer modeling of structures,
  • of programs for static computation structures.

Useful are particularly innovative ideas and crafts contestants.

All racing teams at the beginning deliver material and geometric properties of materials, characteristics, who are working in the diagrams given to competitors, were measured in the laboratory and statistically evaluated.

Confident competition

The competition will run 3 days starting on Wednesday,,sl,and ending on Friday,,sl,will be held on Friday, closing ceremony,,sl,including professors of the Faculty of Civil Engineering,,sl, 3. May 2017 in zaključkom v petek, 5. May 2017.Tekmovanje bo potekalo na Fakulteti za gradbeništvo, prometno inženirstvo in arhitektu Univerze v Mariboru, v dvorani Boruta Pečenka. After the completion of the contest, se bo v petek odvijala zaključna prireditev, in which it will be the final collapse of bridges. The winner will be the team, most of which will be transferred to the maximum load. All this will be accompanied by well-known and successful Slovenian designers, vključno s profesorji Fakultete za gradbeništvo, Traffic Engineering and Architecture, University of Maribor.

Nagradni sklad tekmovanja je 3000€, kateri se podeli za najboljše ekipe. Each competitor will receive a welcome pack and a nice souvenir to 7. International Competition Is there something solid bridge 2016.

Na spodnji povezavi si lahko ogledate pravila tekmovanja.

Pravila – AJKTM 2017

Rules – How Strong is The Bridge 2017

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